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TIME publishes a quarterly magazine, Montessori Scoop!, a Texas-based publication that serves the growing number of schools and organizations. Montessori Scoop is produced cover-to-cover in a high quality four color print. Montessori Scoop features a blend of current news, upcoming events, neighborhood stories, book reviews, cutting-edge research on child and family development, including best practices on how to raise a healthy, active, self-confident and happy child. The content is authored by a group of highly regarded Montessori professionals with decades of in-the-classroom experience and school administration

Spring Edition 2019

Featuring Debby Riordan, Executive Director, Association Montessori International of the United States (AMI/USA). This issue also shines a spotlight on Montessori Secondary Education highlighting three Texas Montessori High Schools; School of the Woods, The Westwood School, and Post Oak High School and so much more including information on a newly formed non-profit led by Montessori educators committed to dismantling systems of oppression.

New Year’s Edition 2019

Featuring: Wendy Shenk-Evans from Montessori Public Policy Initiative, Martha Teien from MEPI, Inc, Kathy Leitch from International Montessori Council, three school profiles: Redeemer Montessori School, Sherwood Forest Montessori School, Montessori School of Fort Worth and much more!

Fall & Winter 2018

Featuring: Dr. Timothy Purnell, Executive Director of the American Montessori Society, Marta Donahoe, AMS 2019 Living Legacy and Director of Professional Development at CMSTEP, two school profiles: Archgate Montessori Academy and Montessori House for Children in Katy and Richmond.

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