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The Institute of Montessori Education (TIME) specializes in providing a professional organizational structure for Montessori schools in California and Texas. 

We believe that Montessori education has the power to bring about positive changes in the world, and by cultivating the natural evolution of its practice, we ensure that Montessori continues to make the most impact and that the philosophy transcends time. We aim to apply the Montessori principles of human development to the advancement of our organization.

Areas of Work


TIME offers high-quality conference experiences annually. The Back to School Conference is hosted in various cities around Texas and California on a rotating schedule. The New Year’s Conference is hosted in Texas at St. John the Divine Episcopal Church. The important part of attending is the valuable ideas and strategies you learn from workshops and speakers.


TIME publishes a quarterly magazine, Montessori Scoop, that serves the growing number of schools and organizations. Montessori Scoop is produced cover-to-cover in a high quality four color print. Montessori Scoop features a blend of current news, upcoming events, neighborhood stories, book reviews, cutting-edge research on child and family development, including best practices on how to raise a healthy, active, self-confident and happy child. The content is authored by a group of highly regarded Montessori professionals with decades of in-the-classroom experience and school administration.

professional development 

TIME's professional development sessions are designed to meet the needs of all Montessori educators involved in supporting the development of the child in the classroom or leading a school or teacher education program. Our events reflect the feedback and suggestions we receive from the local community and produce an impressive range of topics and presenters.


Interested in a Montessori teaching credential? The following list of independent Montessori teacher education programs in Texas and California are accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE). TIME can provide a modular summer-intensive teacher education program onsite in partnership with Cambridge Montessori Institute if a MACTE accredited program is not available in your area.

outreach Initiatives

TIME maintains communication with all Montessori schools and programs in Texas and California and acts as a clearinghouse for Montessori information and communication. TIME also participates on a national level, particularly by supporting various initiatives of the American Montessori Society including fundraising for the AMS Teacher Education Scholarship Fund


TIME has partnered with ETC Consulting to offer consulting services that help schools through a variety of operating and organizational situations. ETC's consultants and advisors have the understanding; awareness, network, skill and proficiency to successfully guide you and your institution on a variety of areas to help ensure a successful Montessori program.


Within the child lies the fate of the future.
— Maria Montessori, The Secret of Childhood


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